Why positive thinking might lead us in the wrong direction.

Danielle LaPorte
2 min readApr 25, 2021


Deep positivity.

If there could be a slogan for manifestation theory, this would be it:
Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. And by the way… energy follows thought.

Manifestation happens from the mind. Ideally, it starts with a vision from the heart center.

For it to work effectively, you must achieve clarity of aspiration, root into the depths of positivity (which I’m going to explain), meet your doubts with Faith, and repeat. Every day. If you let your mind wander unattended into dense thought-forms like fear, or lack, or mistrust, then you could hatch some chaos. Notice I said, “let your mind wander unattended.” Because, inevitably, some negativity will cross your mind. If you’re paying attention to that inner dialogue, you can redirect the conversation. If you train your mind to focus on “brighter” thought-forms (like courage, acceptance, compassion, loving kindness, happiness), then you’ll be able to generate more of those kinds of experiences.

Since energy follows thought, obviously, we want to keep our thinking — especially with respect to creating our future — as “positive” as possible. But this can be intense work. Doubts will surface, mental garbage from our past will churn, our daily life has relationships to nurture.

Is staying consistently positive even possible? Yes. But it might not be what you think.

Let’s break down “positive think,” because this is precisely where most manifestation techniques get weird and wonky. Positive think might suggest that it can make the bad things vanish. But “bad things” in life usually require some confrontation and management from our side. What’s really problematic with positive think is that we’re being trained to use it solely to try to get what we want. This is shallow positivity. Stay with me. We need to be positive for multiple reasons: because it alleviates suffering, because it’s good for our health, because it’s a form of loving kindness.

If we’re “thinking positive thoughts” just to manifest what’s on our vision board, then what happens when we don’t get what we want? We crash into negative thinking. Positive thinking has to be rooted in the heart, not in the attainment of stuff. We need to go much deeper.

Deep positivity means that you have Faith that you’ll be okay, no matter what happens.

Notifit all works out for you in the end.
Notifyou get what you want when you think you should get it. No matter what.

Deep positivity knows that Life is supporting your evolution — even if you don’t manifest what you want.

Let your energy follow that thought.





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