Going on an “input” fast… for the self-help OVERACHIEVERS.

Danielle LaPorte
2 min readMay 14, 2021


It’s always a good time to trust yourself.

It used to be that any given week I’d get a “reading” of some kind — channelling, angels, psychics. Always looking for a sign. If I get a text in the next 3 minutes — from anyone, about anything, it’s a SIGN.

That, my friends, is not how to be your own guru. That’s how to be crazy pants. If you relate and you want to be your own seer… here’s an idea (and it worked for me)…

Start with going on an “input fast.” Cut the noise of opinion, so that you can hear your own heart talking. It knows, but it never shouts.

Give yourself three months, maybe six months of, say, no “readings” of any kind (unless they’re poetry readings). No predictive astrology, ixnay on the psychics, nada on the tarot. If you’re not in crisis mode, you might even consider taking a hiatus from your coach and/or your therapist. You could cut all external advice out of your daily diet. Think of how much money you’re going to save. And time.

The silence of the advice-free zone may be deafening for a while, but do you hear that? It’s you speaking. Directly to… you.

It’s your body telling you what it immediately knew and has known for a long time (because your body knows). It’s your very own perceptivity rising to the surface of your life. And it knows what it’s talking about.

So maybe you don’t know what past-life karma is playing out in your business, or what the next lunar eclipse will bring. You’ll probably know enough to decide what’s best for you on that given day.

Keep flexing your own intuition (because it’s just like a muscle) to feel into the next right step. Of course you’re going to take wrong turns and get yourself into some pickles. But an even bigger mistake would be to deny the power within youfor the rest of your life.

It’s in there. Shhhhhh. Can you hear it?

With Love,




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