Gentleness as a high-performance tool. Really.

  • The auditorium is full of paying guests. I need to be wise, witty, and not trip in my heels.
  • I’m being interviewed by a celeb-figure who I adore and respect. How do I stay present and not turn into a goofy tangle of truthbombs?
  • I’m meeting a hot man for our first date and there’s been a long, chatty lead-up. I want to flow.
  1. I move my body. Yoga, dance, a run. Breathing practices. I do this purely for me — nothing performative about it. I do it to be present and vibrant. It’s what I do most days, but on pressure occasions, it’s crucial. Limbering up in nature is most ideal.
  2. I have a conversation with my Inner Child. It goes like this…



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Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte


Opinionated introvert often mistaken for an extrovert. I write about stuff I find in the cosmos…mostly Love. Author of The Desire Map, White Hot Truth + FSS.