I wanted to write about divisiveness in the world — especially within the self help and wellness communities. And then politics. Community vs. elitism. Medical freedom vs. tyranny. Free speech vs. Censorship. Love vs. policy. But… calling out divisiveness seemed… ironic.

And besides, I can feel all of these micro divisions, and hypocrisies, and deep considerations within my own psyche. So this happened instead:

No rage, rage.
Gentle, forceful.
Immune, not immune.
Opening, closed.
Science, wisdom.
Covered, forward.

Inclusive, ignorant.
Considerate, belligerent.
Steady, reactive.
Committed, careless.
Listening, trying to attack.

Generous, greed.
Emerging, digressing.
Noble, corrupt.
In seva, selfish.



What if the educational system got an overhaul with… loving kindness and enthusiasm? We know it needs it. Here it is, embodied. Please meet Mr. Donovan Taylor Hall (@donofriend on Instagram).

He’s a youth (and parent) coach helping kids build a positive relationship with themselves through 3 key skills: gratitude, growth mindset, and self talk.

Pleasure brings you into your body — and you cannot CREATE unless you are in your body.

A lot of us leave our bodies. Definitely in traumatic situations, and also in overwhelm. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “You just check out.” Your mind wanders. You’re not attending to your breath. You are not in your sensuality. You can’t have full connection when you’re not embodied… so you cannot make things that will last.

When you’re more fully here, when you are BEing… human… then you can bring in the holy. And THAT’S creativity. …

When Grace looks to the future that she wants, a future born of suffering and awakening to joy, she seizes the moment and she makes a vow. And this is how we avoid falling back asleep after a wake-up call. We vow to live differently.

And every vow requires devotion.

It’s always a good time to trust yourself.

It used to be that any given week I’d get a “reading” of some kind — channelling, angels, psychics. Always looking for a sign. If I get a text in the next 3 minutes — from anyone, about anything, it’s a SIGN.

That, my friends, is not how to be your own guru. That’s how to be crazy pants. If you relate and you want to be your own seer… here’s an idea (and it worked for me)…

Start with going on an “input fast.” Cut the noise of opinion, so that…

If you can’t reveal your fear and darkness to the Divine, then where can it go to be healed?

Your Soul and Source are most urgently interested in your pain — like any parent with their child. “Let’s get this healed so you can go out and play.” I discovered this when I was crying in the desert for some mercy, through the healing power of friendship and taking a long pause in my ambitions.

Our pain brings us to Divine Love — the most inclusive, impeccable state of consciousness that there is. …

We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth.

The Lie of Inadequacy. It goes like this… “You were born defective, not good enough, flawed.” Nooo! Erase erase. Blow it UP. And while you’re at it, bury the concept of original sin.

This big lie could translate to, “You were born a girl… you incarnated into the wrong caste… or the wrong neighbourhood… or you love someone who you apparently should not love.” (Who shouldn’t be loved?)

The Lie of Inadequacy is pervasive. It’s how advertisers make their money, it’s the patriarchal framework, it’s religious doctrine gone…

Deep positivity.

If there could be a slogan for manifestation theory, this would be it:
Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. And by the way… energy follows thought.

Manifestation happens from the mind. Ideally, it starts with a vision from the heart center.

For it to work effectively, you must achieve clarity of aspiration, root into the depths of positivity (which I’m going to explain), meet your doubts with Faith, and repeat. Every day. If you let your mind wander unattended into dense thought-forms like fear, or lack, or mistrust, then you could hatch some chaos. Notice…

Do you know the story of the man who was hitting himself over the head with a hammer? “Why do you keep hitting yourself with that hammer?” a shocked passerby asked him. “Because,” the man replied, “it’s going to feel so good when I stop.”

Examine the evidence. You keep fighting the same fight. You’re losing sleep. You’re sick of hearing yourself complain about the same things over and over again (yammer, hammer, hammer). Clearly, wrestling isn’t getting you closer to free. It’s quite possible that… you have no fight left in you.

This is excellent news! This is beautiful…

True self love is to accept ALL parts of ourselves. Our neediness, delights, pains, talents… Light and shadows. ALL of us. Without criticism.

True self love steers us away from seeking signs from the Universe that we’re “worthy”. Self love is a remembrance of our Divinity. We are Love itself.

True self love is a life led by Loving Kindness — and we include ourselves and all sentient life in that love.

Here are my podcast episodes where I go deep into the topic. Please come with me.

Danielle LaPorte

Opinionated introvert often mistaken for an extrovert. I write about stuff I find in the cosmos…mostly Love. Author of The Desire Map, White Hot Truth + FSS.

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